Burnt Islands General Updates

MMSB Recyling
MMSB would like to advise that the following containers are not accepted at the recycling depo:
-> Crushed cans
-> Broken bottles
-> Containers with straws or garbage
-> Containers with caps
-> Bottles with labels removed
-> Containers containing liquid

All containers must have caps removed and straws removed and free of garbage

Thank you for your co-operation


Song Request
Wanna request a song to that special someone???....If so, feel free to contact the Radio Station 698-3110 to have your dedicated song aired on 95.7 FM.


Birthday Or Anniversary Greetings
Anyone that would like to send out a Birthday or Anniversary greeting can contact the Radio Station at 698-3110 before 3:00pm. They will be aired at 3:30 pm, the same day!


A person shall not within the Municipality of Burnt Islands:

  1. erect a building
  2. extend, repair, relocate or demolish and existing building
  3. repair, extend or erect a fence
except with a written permit from the Council.


There has been incidents of medical needles being thrown in the garbage. This creates dangerous situations for the Town's employees.
Residents are advised not to dispose of medical needles or other such items in household garbage.
Thank you for your co-operation.


Residents are advised to use regular garbage bags for household garbage opposed to shopping bags, kitchen catchers, etc.


Due to resent complaints regarding dirty open fires, the town council would advise that people should be more aware of proper conditions for open fires.
(i.e wind direction, improper fuel, impacts on neighboring households, etc.


Public Notice
Residents are advised not to overload garbage bags. Overloaded garbage bags make it difficult to load them in the garbage truck.
Thanking all residents for their co-operation

*** Page updated May 18th , 2012 ***